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Consulting Programs

Pay-Per Call

This is a great program for practices that don’t feel ready or interested in a regular consulting program.  As needs or questions arise, the doctor(s) and/or staff can schedule time to speak based upon your immediate needs!  There is no service agreement or monthly obligation.  You can simply schedule as needed and we will discuss and provide assistance to you for your current questions and priorities.

Traditional Consulting Programs


  • Requires 12 month service agreement
  • Payment plans may be monthly or discounted for pre-payment in full


  • No minimum service agreement requirements

How it works:

Our consulting programs are customized to best meet the needs for each individual practice.  Much like your new patient exam and follow-up care, we will collect information on the structure, systems, obstacles and goals of the practice to best determine those areas where we can make the largest improvement in the quickest possible manner.  Practice priorities as well as an action plan will be determined and together, we will work to streamline areas or systems in your practice that need support.

For accountability and to monitor progress, there will be regularly scheduled calls with the doctor(s) and/or staff.  Because we work at a manageable pace for the practice and of course, since some areas need more time and attention than others, our call schedule will be based upon our current priority(ies).

Of course, for questions and troubleshooting, we are available for unlimited calls and e-mails so your practice doesn’t have to wait for assistance.

Every system in the practice should be properly maintained and monitored to insure optimal production and proper training.   As we work through each area of your practice, a plan for easy maintenance and monitoring will be outlined.

Other features that may be included with your annual or month-to-month consulting program are:

  • Current year fee schedule reference guide
  • Receive our free e-newsletter, the TPR Spotlight
  • Call notes to monitor updates and details of each call